Movie Review – We Are Boats (2019)

We Are Boats, 2019.

Directed by James Bird.

Starring Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan, Graham Greene, Jack Falahee, Amanda Plummer, Gaia Weiss, Booboo Stewart, and Uzo Aduba.


Francesca travels through the world of the living, encountering many strangers along the way. She either sends them on a path towards happiness or towards a tragic end. All of this while she attempts to connect with a loved one she never had the chance to give her final good-byes.

In the hands of most writers or directors, We Are Boats could’ve felt like a made-for-television film you’d find on Hallmark Channel. Thankfully filmmaker James Bird brings this elaborate story to life with a perfect mix of emotions and entertainment. That’s not to say We Are Boats is without any faults, but the end is so satisfying, and the journey along the way had enough twists to excuse any minor shortcomings.
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