Winners are boring! The genius Netflix doc that celebrates losers

From the world’s flukiest boxer to a berserk tale about Torquay United, sporting fails are so much more glorious than successes – and these epic tales of defeat shine

I have come to the conclusion that I vastly prefer sporting documentaries to actual sport. American football might be a tedious procession of stops and starts, but Last Chance U is a Shakespearian masterpiece. Similarly, Formula One the sport is just a lot of stupid noise, but Netflix’s upcoming Formula 1: Drive to Survive is as gripping as any thriller you’re ever likely to see.

Now I have hit the mother lode. Netflix’s new documentary series Losers is ostensibly about sport: eight different sports, across eight different episodes. But the real subject, as you might have gleaned from the title, is defeat. Every episode tells the story of a notorious sporting failure, told by the people who were there at the time.
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