“Saint Judy” Is A Timely Yet Incomplete Biopic

The traditional biopic is slowly becoming a relic of the cinematic past. By and large, films made about real life public figures tend to try and find a new angle in depicting someone’s life. That way, it can never feel recycled or stale. However, some movies are still taking the tried and true path. Occasionally, it still works, but most of the time, it ends up feeling a bit empty. Such is the case with Saint Judy, a well intentioned and undeniably timely biopic that never fully realizes its potential. The story being told is important, for sure. Unfortunately, its depiction leaves something to be desired. The film is a look at attorney Judy Wood (Michelle Monaghan), who would single-handedly changed the asylum laws in the United States, all in an effort to help save women’s lives. A public defender, Judy accepts a job out west in California
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