Film Review: ‘The Cannibal Club’

  • Variety
Given the sharp rightward turn Brazilian politics has taken, “The Cannibal Club” can’t help but seem considerably more (ahem) biting than it did upon its premiere in the Rotterdam Film Festival a little over a year ago. Having a new president whose attitudes toward the underclasses are scarcely more enlightened than this horror-comedy’s protagonists certainly lends additional frisson to its fictive portrait of a wealthy elite literally eating the poor.

That heightened queasiness factor aside, however, Guto Parente’s eighth feature is a mixed bag: a diverting, stylish, but ultimately rather trite satire whose social critique and grand guignol aspects never quite come to a full boil. Uncork’d Entertainment is opening single-screen engagements in Los Angeles and San Francisco on March 1. On-demand release follows March 5.

Otavio (Tavinho Teixeira) and Gilda (Ana Luiza Rios) live in indolent luxury at their gated country home, he frying up steaks on
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