‘Run the Race’ Film Review: Tim Tebow’s Faith-Based Football Saga Elevates the Material a Step or Two

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Executive produced by famously Christian retired football player Tim Tebow, “Run the Race” operates differently than most faith-based productions, in the apparent hopes of reaching a younger, wider audience that may or may not be inherently interested in religious entertainment.

Directed by Chris Dowling, this is unequivocally a message-pushing drama, but one with a subtler touch and more artistic merit than many of its thematically linked predecessors.

Its kinetic opening sequence is a sharply edited series of shots following high-school quarterback Zach Truett, as he scores nearly half a dozen touchdowns on game night to get noticed by a Florida Gators scout. All of it is set to rap music and executed with unexpected cinematic flair; in fact, the movie’s first act plays as though this were a secular sports movie.

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