Elder Scrolls 6: Trademark Dispute May Hint at Game's Name

Matthew Byrd Feb 22, 2019

A sci-fi author's dispute may have revealed The Elder Scrolls 6's full name.

A sci-fi author named Jay Falconer is disputing a trademark application filed by Bethesda's parent company that possibly relates to the name of The Elder Scrolls VI. Falconer, the author of two books in the Redfall series, noticed that ZeniMax Media attempted to file a trademark for the word "Redfall" and claims that he and his lawyers attempted to work out a deal that was ignored by the company. 

"My lawyers made attempts to contact gaming company to work out a simple licensing deal for them to use my Redfall name," Falconer said on Twitter. "They ignored me every time. Shame. Left me no choice. All could have been avoided. Just call my attorneys back."

This actually could prove to be quite the awkward situation for ZeniMax and Bethesda. The nature of this
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