‘Incredibles 2’ Director and Oscar Contender Brad Bird Believes in the Bermuda Triangle

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As an animation geek who tracked Pixar ever since “Toy Story” blew my gaskets and I traveled to the Bay Area to grill the likes of John Lasseter and Pete Docter, sitting down with Brad Bird — the legendary director of “Iron Giant” and Oscar-winning auteur behind “Ratatouille” and “The Incredibles” — is my idea of a good time. “The Incredibles” marked the first outside project to come into Pixar, which always gave Bird a wider berth than most.

I followed up with Bird on something I remembered from hanging with him at the Sheridan Bar at the Telluride Film Festival (he brings his family every year). When I made a reaction face of silent disgust, Bird leapt on it. “That’s an expression!” he said. He’s like a collector, capturing them for later use.

“I don’t consciously go into a room, I don’t need to observe,” he said,
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