“Donnybrook” Is Deadly Serious About Its Violent Nature

Filmmaker Tim Sutton has a dark view of the world. He’s shown that in previous features, but really doubles down with his newest work. Take any one scene from Donnybrook, Sutton’s new release that opened this weekend, and you’ll see an example of this. Grim and joyless, this portrait of desperate violence and working class Middle Americans is often tough to watch. Well acted and just as disturbing as intended, it’s a very singular vision of society. For some, it may make for an utterly hypnotic experience, while for others, it may be just too much to handle. For yours truly, the truth is somewhere in between. The movie is a gritty drama about the lengths people are willing to go in order to dig themselves out from the pits they’ve fallen into. Specifically, three people in “Jarhead” Earl (Jamie Bell), “Chainsaw” Angus (Frank Grillo
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