Movie Review – The 6th Friend (2016)

The 6th Friend, 2016.

Directed by Letia Clouston.

Starring Jamie Bernadette, Chantelle Albers, Dominique Swain, Jessica Morris, Tania Nolan and Monique Rosario.


Five years after their graduation party turned horrid, six friends gather once again. Little do they know they will be facing even more terror and bloodshed than before.

The 6th Friend suffers from “been there, done that” syndrome. That’s not to say the film isn’t enjoyable, but genre fans will predict every twist and turn in this slasher film. Generic doesn’t begin to describe this entry into the long-running slasher sub-genre as this feels like a mix of every late ’80s slasher that filled up the local video store. Again, this female-led horror isn’t horrid, but you’ll find yourself wanting to watch countless better films.

The 6th Friend follows six friends that reunite at a cabin, the location where they suffered a traumatic event five years prior.
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