The New Killer, the Big Secret, and Every Other Big Twist in Happy Death Day 2U Explained

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Warning: Massive spoilers for all of Happy Death Day 2U lay below!

Now that Happy Death Day 2U has finally arrived, we have full license to tell you everything you're dying to know about the movie. And, well, there's a lot to go over! Even after the first film dazzled audiences, it left one big mystery hanging over our heads: why does Tree get stuck living the same day over and over again? Director Chris Landon promised there was a logical answer for all the insanity, which eventually went on to become the premise for the sequel.

Months passed, and then we finally got the trailer for HDD2U, wherein we learned that there isn't just one mystery but many. Tree is stuck in the same cycle again? There's a different killer?! What the hell is going on?

Luckily for you, I've seen the movie and I know at least
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