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Sneak Peek more new images from the live-action TV series "Doom Patrol", adapting DC Comics crime-fighting superhero team, including 'Elasti-Girl', 'Crazy Jane', 'Robotman', and 'Negative Man', led by mad scientist 'Dr. Niles Caulder' (Timothy Dalton), streaming exclusively February 15, 2019 on DC Universe:

"...the 'Doom Patrol' members each suffered accidents that gave them superhuman abilities — but also left them scarred for life.

"Traumatized and downtrodden, the team found purpose through 'The Chief', who brought them together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence — and to protect Earth from what they find.

"Part support group, the 'Doom Patrol' is a band of super-powered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them.

"Picking up after the events of the 'Titans" TV series, Doom Patrol finds our reluctant heroes in a place they never expected to be, called to action by none other than 'Cyborg',
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