Stephen King's Mile 81 Is Becoming a Movie

Stephen King's Mile 81 Is Becoming a Movie
Legendary author Stephen King has been seeing his stories made into theatrical movies going way back to the '80s, and since then, it's never stopped. There's almost no end to King's novels and short stories which have had movie or TV adaptations based on them, with some even receiving multiple adaptations. It's very clear that people still love King's work now just as much as they did decades ago, as movies based on his work have proven to be massive hits at the box office. Now, the next movie to be made based on one of King's literary works will be an upcoming movie called Mile 81, which is based on King's 2011 novella of the same name. The movie will be directed by Alistair Legrand (The Diabolical), using a script co-written by Legrand and Luke Harvis. Ross M. Dinerstein (Netflix's 1922) is producing.

Set at an abandoned rest stop, a
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