‘Island Zero: Directors Cut’ Review

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Stars: Laila Robins, Adam Wade McLaughlin, Teri Reeves, Matthew Wilkas, Elaine Landry, Anabel Graetz, Richard Sewell, Stephanie Atkinson, Joanna Clarke, Kelly McAndrew, Thomas Ian Campbell, Anna Gravél, Robin Jones | Written by Tess Gerritsen | Directed by Josh Gerritsen

[Note: Island Zero has been re-released to streaming platforms and DVD in a new “directors cut” following feedback from audiences regarding the original cold open. You can read more about the changes on author Tess Geritsen’s blog]

Not the most imaginative of titles but that hasn’t stopped me watching many a movie and in particular a horror movie… So I was hoping Island Zero would be better than its title suggests.

Unsurprisingly Island Zero is set on a remote island. One in which a solitary ferry is the only route on and off of it. So when that ferry fails to turn up for several days in a row, the residents start to worry.
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