If You're Confused About Velvet Buzzsaw's Wild Ending, Read This

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This post contains spoilers for Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw.

If you've watched Velvet Buzzsaw, the term "tortured artist" might have a whole new meaning for you. The new Netflix film has it all: killer robots, possessed paintings, and Jake Gyllenhaal as a loquacious, faux-deep art critic who may have a steamy scene or two. And, might we add, its blend of slasher and self-indulgence makes for a treasure trove of hilarious internet memes.

Because the film is about highbrow art, it can get lofty really fast - not only in the intellectual quibbles between the characters but also the cryptic symbolism. Like, why does paint defy the laws of physics and crawl up a lady's body and slap an impression of her onto a graffiti mural? Or why does Toni Collette have an amputation by a giant metal ball? Here are the answers to these pressing questions as we untangle Velvet Buzzsaw's bonkers ending.
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