Berlin’s Dieter Kosslick’s Roots Grow Deep in Film Biz

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Berlin’s Dieter Kosslick’s Roots Grow Deep in Film Biz
Before taking the reins at the Berlin Film Festival in 2001, Dieter Kosslick had already racked up a number of impressive accomplishments in the domestic and international film sectors, and he immediately put that know-how to work in expanding and re-shaping Germany’s premier film event.

Kosslick is being honored with Variety’s Achievement in International Film Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

In 1983, Kosslick became managing director of the Hamburger Filmbüro, which oversaw cultural film funding in Hamburg, and later headed the newly launched Film Fonds Hamburg, which provided more commercial-oriented economic film support.

While in Hamburg, in 1986 Kosslick launched a number of groundbreaking, border-crossing initiatives, such as the European Low Budget Film Forum, which attracted then-fledgling filmmakers including Derek Jarman, Stephen Frears and Lars von Trier and later developed into Filmfest Hamburg. That led to the establishment of the EU Media Program and the European Film Distribution Office (Efdo
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