Final Form: The 25 Strongest Dragon Ball Transformations Of All Time, Officially Ranked

The extended Dragon Ball franchise is responsible for popularizing a lot of ideas in modern shonen anime. Characters that dedicated themselves to growing stronger through rigorous physical and mental training, fights that involve characters professing their personal philosophies before punching someone through a mountain, and, most of all, transformations that drastically increase a warrior’s power. Dragon Ball didn’t invent the idea of heroes and villains taking multiple forms, but it definitely made it mainstream.

Starting with the Great Ape transformation way back in the earliest days of the original Dragon Ball, the series goes on to introduce countless different forms for its main heroes and villains. Of course, like most things in Dragon Ball, all of these different ideas can be a bit difficult to keep track of after a while. There are several different iterations of Super Saiyan, some of which are non-canonical now, transformations that differ
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