‘Dry Blood’ Review

Stars: Clint Carney, Kelton Jones, Jaymie Valentine, Graham Sheldon, Rin Ehlers, Macy Johnson | Written by Clint Carney | Directed by Kelton Jones

I have, unfortunately, not seen as many as the ‘Dread Central Presents’ titles as I would have liked but it’s great to see the site and, in the UK, ‘Frightfest Presents’, releasing movies that might not even get a release otherwise… So on to Dry Blood.

Reminiscent (in story and a couple of other little things) to the 2013 Evil Dead, Dry Blood sees lead character Brian decide to head to a kind of cabin in the woods he owns in a small rural mountain town, so he can get himself clean from drugs. He rings his on/off girlfriend to join and help him get through the next week or so. As this is a horror movie, things obviously don’t go smoothly for Brian and Anna.

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