"Game of Thrones" - Leaked Set Images

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Sneak Peek leaked set images showing the grisly aftermath of a battle at 'King's Landing' with the 'Army of the Dead', from the final season of "Game of Thrones", premiering the first of six new episodes April 14, 2019 on HBO:

"...after eight thousand years of standing between the 'Seven Kingdoms of Westeros' and the lands beyond, the inevitable has finally happened - the 'Wall' has been breached: Mounted on the reanimated corpse of the 'Daenerys Targaryen' dragon 'Viserion', the 'Night King' has blasted through the ancient fortification and all but obliterated the castle of 'Eastwatch-by-the-Sea'.

"The army of the dead, now numbering over 100,000 wights as well as the 'White Walkers', is heading straight towards the North, bringing a winter that will become another 'Long Night', one which may last forever.

"Though the 'War of the Five Kings' is long ended, control of the 'Iron Throne' is still being contested. In 'King's Landing',
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