Telling Lies: Release Date and Trailer

Matthew Byrd Aug 16, 2019

Telling Lies will try to build upon the brilliant Her Story with help from this cast.

Writer/designer Sam Barlow and Annapurna Interactive are teaming up to bring us a spiritual successor to the revolutionary indie game, Her Story

Called Telling Lies, this title is described as a "spiritual successor to Her Story." It deals with the process of how governments can collect feeds from various personal cameras across the world. Specifically, it focuses on a stolen Nsa hard drive that features footage players must sort through in order to connect the stories of several characters featured in the footage. It will be a much larger game than Her Story, and it seems that it might lack the simple "hook" of the original's murder story. Instead, the draw will be discovering why all these people matter. 

However, it seems that the game will utilize a set-up similar
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