Horror-On-Sea 2019: ‘Cute Little Buggers’ Review

Stars: Kristofer Dayne, Steve Aaron-Sipple, Dan Abrams, Lydie Misiek, John R. Walker, Caroline Munro, Honey Holmes, Gary Martin, Dani Thompson | Written by Garry Charles, Andy Davie, Tony Jopia, Kristofer Dayne | Directed by Tony Jopia

If Monty Pythons and the Holy Grail (1975) and Watership Down (1978) taught me anything growing up, if it doesn’t look like it isn’t dressed up to attend the Playboy Mansion, rampant rabbits are dangerous. Tony Jopia takes that premise one step further with his B-Movie creature feature Cute Little Buggers.

When hostile aliens land on earth with the intension of taking over the planet to save their own race, they choose to mutate the local rabbit population. Blending the rabbits with alien DNA, they knowingly unleashed the cute but vicious blood thirsty creatures on the unsuspecting locals. As the butchered bodies starts piling and the rampant rabbits begin to rampage, the locals are forced to
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