Revisiting the Cinematic Landscape of 1999

Tom Jolliffe travels back in time 20 years to 1999 to look over the cinematic landscape…

The millennium suddenly draws in. The century is in its final year. Cinema has a pre-occupation with apocalypse and disorder, chaos, among other things. It’s 1999. 20 years ago now. That’s pretty frightening, but regardless, hold my hand, lets go have a look back over the years cinematic output.

Ending a century should be done in style. There are two films in particular that had a long standing impact on pop-culture and cult fandom from the year, which still maintain a strong following. First, 1999 is the year of The Matrix. It kind of grew slowly, really capturing the sub-cultures of society, and garnering a legion of geeky fans who fell in love with anything from the sci-fi references, the clothing, the Hong Kong inspired martial arts action, the ground-breaking effects and the philosophical and literary references within the film.
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