From Softcore to Lubitsch: To Save and Project 2019

  • MUBI
It's already started! Look lively! The To Save and Project festival of film preservation at New York's Museum of Modern Art offers a typically eclectic range of films, fiction, documentary and experimental, united in their importance and the fact that they've recently been restored and preserved. Think you've seen Murnau's Faust (1926)? Both versions? (Every shot was filmed with two cameras to provide two negatives.) Well, what about this new restoration, which incorporates never-before-seen intertitles in verse written for the film but removed before release due to the scenarist's objections?Other films are far less familiar. George Griffin explores the history and philosophy of animation in Lineage (1979), a mixed-media mini-masterpiece that moves from scribbles on celluloid through line animation to manipulated live action shots and early computer graphics. The visuals never stoop to merely illustrating the voice-over, nor do they distract from it. Instead they take wing, riffing on the ideas and having fun.
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