Looking Back at the 5 Most Iconic Horror Films of 1999

Twenty years on, E.J. Moreno looks at the five most iconic horror films of 1999…

The horror genre twenty years ago is a much different beast than it is now. Not regarding quality, as there are good and bad films in any year, but the way the studios handle the genre and how viewers digest the movies. Two of the films featured in this article are in the top grossing films of 1999, where not a single horror film made it into the top ten highest grossing of 2018. Even with numbers like that, horror was in a rough spot with audiences; this is post-Scream where slashers are over, and the genre is barely pumping out original pieces. Now you have arthouse horrors like Suspiria or Hereditary, a new Blumhouse film or three, and the next James Wan ghost film. There’s something fresh for everyone, but sadly 1999 didn’t have a vast selection of offerings.
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