The Flash Midseason Premiere Photos Feature Killer Frost

When it comes to fans of Caitlin Snow, I imagine there to be just as many of those who favor her normal guise just as there are those who dig her Killer Frost persona. Actually, they’re two distinct women living within the same body, so it’s important we not confuse her with those who simply suit up and fight crime.

Funny enough, they’ve begun working in tandem in recent months, even leaving notes for each other. Personally, I love seeing as much of the Killer Frost half of the equation as I can, though it’s hard to part with Caitlin herself because she’s been around since the pilot episode. Perhaps it’s conflicted viewers like myself who’ve forced the producers to continue giving us the best of both worlds.

Well, when we join The Flash for its midseason premiere next week, expect for both personalities to make an appearance.
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