‘SuperGrid’ Review

Stars: Leo Fafard, Marshall Williams, Natalie Krill, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Jay Reso, Tinsel Korey, Fei Ren, Daniel Maslany, Sheldon Bergstrom, Josh Strait, Laura Abramsen | Written by T.R. McCauley, Justin Ludwig | Directed by Lowell Dean

I was probably one of about seven people that wasn’t enamoured with Wolf Cop. There’s a lot of love for it, but I just didn’t have the same blast with it that everyone else seemed to. That’s not to say it’s a bad film, I was mid festival, severely sleep deprived and in need of a good rest. So, when offered Lowell Dean’s latest piece, SuperGrid, I was eager to see if this was a one off. Seems that yes, it was.

Deep in the throes of a pandemic, Brothers Jesse (Leo Fafard) and Deke (Marshall Williams) are tasked to do a ‘run’ across the SuperGrid, a dangerous wasteland
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