Review: Manto (2018) by Nandita Das

From the very first scene, we are introduced to the world of Saadat Hasan Manto in Nandita Das’ “Manto”. It is not his life that we are introduced το, but the world of ideas that constantly took shape in his fertile imagination; however, we do get into the world he lived in in the very next scene. It is the world of a colonized India on the brink of independence. After World War II, it seemed likely that India would get its independence, however people were still unsure about the circumstances it would come in.

In a emotionally moving scene from the movie, Manto, a free-thinking Indian Muslim looks on from the window of his bedroom the euphoria of people celebrating outside, there are fireworks all around and optimism about the future. He asks his wife to join him and look at the spectacle, he picks up his young infant and whispers,
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