Christmas at Tfe: "While You Were Sleeping"

Team Experience will be discussing their favorite holiday films! First up is Chris Feil...

One part of the tradition of revisiting Christmas classics this time of year is debating whether or not a film technically qualifies as a “Christmas movie”. These perceptions sometimes sway with the tides. Lately, the bros have won and conventional wisdom will tell you that Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie. Eyes Wide Shut? Welcome, but with reservations.

My personal “Yes it’s a Christmas movie” vendetta is While You Were Sleeping. The confirmation that this is the hill I will die (though perhaps not alone) on is of the unfortunately reductive sort. In my experience, other viewers seems all too appeased by considering Sleeping simply as a romantic comedy. But to consider it so simply is to ignore the central journey of Sandra Bullock’s heroine Lucy, and the kind of stories we revisit
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