Venom Retailer Exclusive Blu-Ray Packages Revealed

Even though the recently released Venom movie fell well short of my expectations, I’ll concede that it did have its moments. I mean, not only did the titular anti-hero look pretty badass and feature in some cool action scenes, but I can at least say his latest outing on the big screen was better than Spider-Man 3.

Personal feelings aside, one must acknowledge the reality of this flick being a box office powerhouse because it managed to rake in more dough than the mighty Wonder Woman. Perhaps it’s that impressive take which forced Sony’s hand when putting together the Blu-ray release. In other words, Venom arrives on home video just in time to be placed under your Christmas tree.

Of course, you could just pick it up at any store local to you, but it’s worth giving the collectors out there ample heads up. As you would’ve figured,
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