Original Beauty And The Beast Writer Wasn’t Thrilled With Live-Action Remake

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was one of the biggest movies of 2017, grabbing well over $1 billion at the box office and earning the Mouse House a couple of Oscar nominations to boot. Someone who’s not a fan of it, though, is the screenwriter of the original 1992 animated movie.

THR spoke with writer Linda Woolverton and she revealed that had issues with the remake as she felt it changed the story she’d set out in the first film in ways that didn’t make sense or betrayed the characters. She also was naturally disgruntled that she wasn’t invited back to work on the production.

“I wasn’t totally thrilled with The Beauty and the Beast remake because I didn’t think it was exactly true to the mythology of the storytelling. And I’m not happy that I don’t get to participate. Who would be?”

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