‘Slay Belles’ Review

Stars: Barry Bostwick, Kristina Klebe, Susan Slaughter, Diane Salinger, Richard Moll, Hannah Wagner | Written by Jessica Luhrssen, Dan Walker | Directed by Spooky Dan Walker

I can’t believe no-one has used this title for a horror Christmas film before! But here it is with a new Dread Central Presents… release, Slay Belles; which follows three cosplaying YoutTubers, who film themselves searching abandoned places, who decide to search ‘Santa Land’ on Christmas Eve. They soon find this is a much more real land than they were expecting.

Slay Belles does take a bit of time to get going. It doesn’t take long to explain what the three group of women are and what their characters are like but we get a lot of time spent just following them around, not doing much of interest. Thankfully once they get to Santa Land, things liven up. They are attacked by Krampus and saved by Santa Claus!
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