Avengers 4 Concept Trailer Introduces The X-Men Into The McU

With Disney poised to hoover up 20th Century Fox next year, that means that Marvel Studios will finally have the rights to the X-Men. The thought of, say, Wolverine rubbing shoulders with Iron Man has blown fans’ minds and spewed many an in-depth theory about how Avengers 4 could begin to integrate mutantkind into the McU.

We’ve repeatedly told not to expect a crossover like this so soon, but you can’t stop folks from getting excited about what it would be like for the Avengers and the X-Men to team up. On that note, this epic concept trailer for Avengers 4 from YouTuber Billy Crammer imagines both sets of superhero groups joining forces to defeat Thanos, making use of footage from the many X-movies released over the past two decades.

See the electrifying results for yourself below:

As said above, though, don’t get your hopes up for a Logan cameo in Avengers 4. Or,
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