Love Actually Sucks, Actually, and You All Know It

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"Solid gold sh*t!" - Love Actually describing Love Actually

I know many of you are probably seething just reading the headline. But the fact is you're here now. Something deep inside of you knows I'm right.

Let's get a few things out of the way: I'm a devout Christmas enthusiast. I openly celebrate the reason for the season, I'm known to sport inappropriate Christmas sweaters, I start my Christmas music listening extravaganza in late October, and I'm a mulled wine fanatic. You need to know that I do have merriment in my heart; I'm not some Grinch who hates the holiday spirit. Furthermore, I am obsessed with British people and will forever feel inadequate for not having an adorably chic English accent.

But Love Actually is a flaming turd among sparkly baubles within the holiday film genre. These yuletide films tend to have a specific formula, and they encompass
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