How Fantastic Beasts May Explain Ariana Dumbledore's Mysterious "Illness"

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Image Source: Warner Bros

Since the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, there have been a lot of questions surrounding one of the most famous wizarding families in the Harry Potter universe: the Dumbledores. While we've mainly had our eyes on the eldest Dumbledore sibling, Albus, events in Fantastic Beasts have shifted the story's focus to the youngest, most tragic member of the family and her mysterious "illness."

For anyone who needs a reminder about Ariana's heartbreaking story, here's a refresher: as a young, 6-year-old witch, Ariana was brutally attacked by three Muggle boys after they caught her doing magic. The attack left her traumatized and she tried to repress her magic, causing it to violently burst out of her in times of distress. Worried for her safety, her mother decided to keep her away from the rest of the world, only letting her outside of the house at the dead of night.
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