Film Review: Respeto (2017) by Treb Monteras II

Respeto” is the directorial debut from Alberto “Treb” Monteras II. The story follows the journey of an aspiring rapper Hendrix (played by rapper Abra). We watch him hanging with his friends, getting in trouble with local gangs, falling in love, and most important of all trying out in the local underground rap battle scene. Although this synopsis makes it sound like a conventional coming-of-age story, it is not. The tropes are all here, yet Monteras is interested in something larger than just how an individual learn to express oneself.

Respeto is screening at the exground filmfest

At the beginning of the film, it does not only introduce us our hero, but also the town he inhabits. After taunting some local young delinquents, Hendrix has to run away from them. The mobile camera follows him swiftly while we follow him zigzagging through the crooked streets and alleys. The cinematographer Ike Avellana
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