Fur Free Friday: Celebrities Back Call To End Cruel Fur Suffering

Ahead of Fur Free Friday, an international day of action on November 23, celebrities are speaking out against the “cruel” suffering of animals killed for the fur trade and backing calls by Animal Defenders International (Adi) to consign this brutal industry to the past.

Gemma Atkinson, who reached the Strictly Come Dancing final last year and formerly starred in Hollyoaks, said: “We can all make a difference by making fashion choices that are kind not cruel to the animals. Don’t contribute to the suffering and deaths of millions of animals – say no to fur, forever.”

Emily Deschanel, costar of the hit Us TV drama series Bones, said: “Fur looks best, and belongs, on animals not people. To end the horrific suffering of millions of animals we need to say no to fur – for good.”

Alexandra Paul, who starred as Lt. Stephanie Holden in the iconic TV series Baywatch, said: “I
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