Review: The Workshop (L'atelier) writes itself so intriguingly in this French-themed literary thriller worth its contempt in heated words

In The Workshop (a.k.a. L'atelier), French filmmaker Laurent Cantet tackles another intriguing profile into the caustic realm of social issue discourse that paves the way for an unsettling scope of second-guessing murderous tendencies. As the film's writer-director, Cantet explores the depth of his startling material's penchant for curiosity violence and alienation in the form of a writing seminar populated by local diverse youths learning how to approach the construction of a literary thriller. Indeed, The Workshop is undeniably probing in its twitchy skin as Cantet finds a definitive way to shape his edgy, provocative narrative emboldened by the discomfort of sinister-minded exploration. Compelling and thought-provoking, Cantet's cynical vehicle pertaining to the remedial adolescent minds of the sensationalistic written word can also be analogous to the contemporary strife-ridden, political dissension and decadence...

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