David Arquette Is a Wrestler Now, and a "Death Match" Left Him Brutalized

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David Arquette Is a Wrestler Now, and a
If you think there are no second acts in American life, just look to David Arquette. The actor, best known for his role in the Scream Franchise, has made a name for himself in recent months as a professional wrestler traversing the independent circuit, which might come as a surprise to anyone who never saw Ready to Rumble. Arquette starred in the 2000 pro-wrestling comedy at around the same time he implausibly became WCW World Heavyweight Champion, an ill-advised development that has often been cited as a death knell for the now-defunct company.

Though his tenure has been going well so far, last night Arquette participated in his first death match — an ultra-violent spectacle in which everything from pizza cutters to light tubes are acceptable weapons — and was left with a serious wound to the neck that almost resulted in the match ending early.
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