This Is Us: Laura Niemi Discusses The Endless Possibilites for Her Character

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Laura Niemi has had a 20-year acting career, but 2018 may be her best yet. 

After a one-year hiatus, Niemi returned to This Is Us Season 3 and will play a much larger role with the further exploration of Jack's childhood and time in Vietnam. 

This Is Us is just the cherry on top of a delicious cake for this seasoned actress. She also landed a role in a Netflix film featuring Hollywood A-listers Anne Hathway and Ben Affleck

I had the opportunity to talk with Laura Niemi about her role on This Is Us this season and what we can expect from her character moving forward. She also provides a small tease about her upcoming Netflix film. 

Enjoy the full interview below, which has been slightly modified for content. 

So I'm curious to know, what attracted you to This Is Us and specifically the role of Marilyn Pearson?

Well, Dan Fogelman.
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