Film Review: Fiction & Other Realities (2018) by Bobby Choy and Steve Lee

It is not hard to find a story about immigrants in the Us. As immigration has a deep-rooted history in the USA, people from various countries have developed their culture in movies, dramas, novels and music. But what about Korea?

It has not been half a century since Koreans migrated to the Us. When the first generation of immigrants left South Korea and settled in this new place, Korea was very poor and not very well organised, both in terms of system and as a society. This acknowledgement still prevails in the first generation of immigrants; they did not look back on their “mother ship”, only focused on realizing their American Dream on American soil. Then how about the second generation of immigrants or Korean-Americans? What would they think about Korea? Could Korea be an ideal haven for their lives, although they were not born there?

“Fiction and Other Realities
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