5 Horror Sequels With Surprisingly Famous Stars

Good news for fans of pint-sized horror – The Boy is getting a sequel. And surprisingly it stars Katie Holmes.

With all due respect to original lead Lauren Cohan, this is heavyweight casting. Cohan gave a strong performance and is world famous through The Walking Dead. But you’d kinda expect things to be the other way around for The Boy 2, right?

There must be something that drew Holmes to the follow-up – guess we’ll find out when it lands. In the meantime here are some other cases of big names who raised eyebrows appearing down the list of a fearsome franchise…

5. Michael Caine – Jaws The Revenge (1987)

Let’s start with one of the most famous pieces of casting in horror history. The great Roy Scheider starred in the first two Jaws movies (reluctantly in the case of the 2nd).

But for some reason, the franchise’s biggest name appeared in Part 4… Michael Caine!
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