Exclusive Interview – Brad Bird and John Walker on Incredibles 2

Tai Freligh interviews Brad Bird and John Walker about Incredibles 2

Flickering Myth’s Tai Freligh recently attended a press event at Pixar Studios and had the chance to interview director Brad Bird and producer John Walker about this year’s hugely successful sequel Incredibles 2.

With Bird having been pretty vocal about the importance of seeing movies in the theater, we asked him whether or not he thought having a DVD version of the movie was a necessary evil, as well as any concerns that there might not have been an audience for a follow up to The Incredibles coming fourteen years after the first. And, having directed a Mission: Impossible movie, we wanted his take on Christopher McQuarrie’s Fallout film and what he thought of Superman actor Henry Cavill as a villain.

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We thank director Brad Bird
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