The Tragedy of “Bohemian Rhapsody” Isn’t How Freddie Mercury Died, It’s How (It Thinks) He Lived and the Man Behind the Camera

If polls were run to see who the most iconic personality in music is, the results would certainly lean towards Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the bastion of beautifully flamboyant, unchecked and unmatched opulence. Decades after his untimely passing from AIDS and his presence is one both widely felt and deeply missed. Of course that means a life as flashy, defiant and legendary as his would make for a great movie, as its taken near thirty years for that life to grace the big screen. After watching it, though, who the hell at 20th Century Fox thought any of what passes for history and entertainment in Bohemian Rhapsody was right? And what’s worse is this is what audiences and Queen fans think is masterful and respectful storytelling?!

To say it paints by numbers and connects dots in its exploration of the rise, “fall and redemption” of Queen throughout the 1970s
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