Kingsman Creator Says Taron Egerton Will Be Back As Eggsy

Taron Egerton recently got fans worried when he said he wouldn’t appear in the third Kingsman movie, leaving us to fear that his character Eggsy had been written out of the franchise. However, there’s an important distinction to make here: Egerton was referring to the upcoming prequel movie and not Kingsman 3, which will continue Eggsy and Harry’s adventures.

Kingsman creator Mark Millar has helped clarify this for people now by taking to Twitter to explain the difference. As he says, the prequel, previously given the title Kingsman: The Great Game, is about the beginnings of the Kingsman organization a hundred years ago and so obviously, it wouldn’t find a place for Eggsy.

“People seem awfully confused by this. The Kingsman movie Matthew is shooting in the New Year is a prequel set at the beginning of the organisation in 1918 as reported a while back. Kingsman 3 comes later.
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