When TV Shows Reinvent Themselves: How Much is Too Much?

Juliette Harrisson Nov 7, 2018

When a TV show moves away from its core concept, it can either relight the spark or snuff it out completely...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

The last thing any showrunner of a long-running TV series wants is for their show to turn stale. Episode after episode after episode for years and years of nothing but the same thing will soon have audiences turning off. So surely the answer is to keep the show fresh, right? Mix things up a bit, change things around a bit, maybe even reboot the show and send it in a new direction? That’ll keep audiences happy!

Well, maybe. Rebooting or reinventing a show is a delicate thing, and there’s always a risk that audiences will simply long for the glory days when the show felt like the series they fell in love with. Shows that move
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