Deadwood Movie Starts Filming

Paul Bradshaw Nov 6, 2018

The sweariest saloon in the Wild West is finally reopening its doors, as HBO's Deadwood movie is finally underway.

If you’re a fan of Deadwood, this is the news you never thought you’d actually read. Ever since the show was abruptly cancelled in 2006 HBO has been teasing plans for a Deadwood movie.

Proving almost impossible to finance, it looked like it was never going to happen. Now, finally, the cameras have started rolling and the Deadwood movie is officially underway.

Showrunner David Milch has written the script (which will probably be about 50% Shakespearian poetry and 50% swearing) and long-time series director Daniel Minahan is directing.

The series arguably had a great ending but it was definitely a bit abrupt – and there were still plenty of loose ends to tie up. The film will pick things up 10 years later, with anyone who left the town coming
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