Frightfest Halloween 2018: ‘Mara’ Review: Dir. Clive Tonge (2018)

Mara Review: Olga Kurylenko makes her horror debut as she battles a demon who uses sleep paralysis to trap victims.

Mara Review. Image courtesy of Clout Communications.

Olga Kurylenko burst onto the acting scene as Camille in Daniel Craig’s second stint as Bond, Quantum of Solace. Since then, she has undertaken a multitude of roles in many genres, though it has taken her until now to venture into the horror genre. Mara will almost certainly not have been the first horror project sent to her, but it is the first one to bag her. Her interest was clearly peaked by the subject matter: sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a very real condition, one that affects around forty percent of the population at some point or another. It occurs when the person finds themselves in that strange state between sleep and waking. Essentially, it’s like a waking dream, but
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