Very Important News: the Halloweentown Movies Are Streaming Live For 24 Hours on YouTube

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Grab your broomsticks, Dcom-lovers: Marnie Cromwell and her spooky family are here to wish you a Happy Halloween. If you haven't already heard, Disney Channel is hosting a 24-hour live-stream of all the Halloweentown movies on its YouTube channel, like, right now - so you might want to go ahead and clock out of work for the day and get to bingeing.

Each film in the series - Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Halloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown - will be streaming on a continuous loop until Nov. 1. The live-stream video first made its way to YouTube on Oct. 24, though its description reads that the marathon has been chugging along through the entire month of October.

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Even though we're pretty bummed that we're just now becoming privy to this information, 24 hours is
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