Movie Review – Silencio (2018)

Silencio, 2018.

Directed by Lorena Villarreal.

Starring Melina Matthews, Rupert Graves, John Noble, Michel Chauvet


Ana has to find a mythic stone to save her son’s life. During the search through space and time, she encounters family secrets and enemies who will stop at nothing to utilize the stone’s power.

In Mexico’s ‘Zone of Silence’ – a sort of real-life Bermuda Triangle area where all sorts of unexplained events have apparently taken place – two scientists researching a meteorite storm discover a mysterious stone, the like-of which they have never encountered before. The composition of it is deeply strange to them, as though it has come straight from the unknown of outer space. Soon enough, they find out the true power of the stone as it whisks them back to Prof. James (John Noble) tragic past and the loss of his entire family. Sensing a chance at changing the past,
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