The Importance of Film Archives and Curated Selections

Tom Jolliffe looks at the importance of archiving seminal films, and giving new life to forgotten classics and cult titles….

Cinema history is etched with key figures. Mould breakers, revolutionaries, and visionaries. Fritz Lang, leading the German expressionist era. Orson Welles breaking tradition and Hollywood protocols. Maybe Brando thundering an arrow through the conventions of screen acting. Whether in front, or behind camera, there is a long and magnificent road map that takes us from the first moving images, through to the creation of montage, through from silence to sound, black and white to colour, and into the present day (and everything in between).

We now exist in the era of 4k resolution picture for distribution and display. Restorers can even go back to invigorate and polish the images of long standing classics. Meticulous cleaning, restoring, polishing and perfecting. We’ve seen it with impressive work on Lang’s Metropolis for example.
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