The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer from the Director of Attack the Block

20th Century Fox has dropped the first trailer for The Kid Who Would Be King. There are several age-old stories that, for whatever reason, Hollywood will adapt over and over again, seemingly no matter what. Such is the case with the Arthurian legend, and here we have the latest big-budget big screen take on the tale. Though, admittedly, this looks pretty unique and comes with a major stable of talent attached. Not only does this serve as the long-awaited feature follow-up to Attack the Block for Joe Cornish, but the cast assembled in front of the camera is impressive as well.

The trailer starts us off with a kid trying to do the right thing in a world that is certainly very tough on kids in his shoes. Bullies will be bullies and that doesn't make his life easy. But then things get fantastical in a hurry when this unsuspecting 12-year-old finds Arthur's sword.
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